Are customs formalities necessary for Your consignment in a marine container?

If your consignment arrives from the countries outside the European community, a relevant customs procedure must be executed for Your consignment. The consignment which arrives from the European community countries is accompanied by relevant documents confirming the European community status of goods, which may be an original T2L declaration.

What taxes are paid by a goods importer for imported goods?

For imported goods, a goods importer pays import VAT and duty (if duty is applied for the imported item). If goods importer is a VAT payer registered in LT, he includes the import VAT into VAT declaration and does not pay this tax immediately. The importer may provide insurance company’s warranty policy for the postponement of duty.

What documents are necessary for the execution of T1 procedure?

The following documents are necessary for the execution of T1 internal transit procedure: goods purchase invoice; goods packing sheet; authorization from the sender or recipient to execute this customs procedure, and description of goods.

What additional documents accompany the consignment of food products?

Each consignment which is intended for people’s food and which is brought in by a Lithuanian entity is controlled by the State Food and Veterinary Service. When carrying a consignment with non-animal-based food products it is necessary to provide original quality documents, such as quality and health certificates with an indication of the consignment container number. For animal-based products (both importing to and transiting through Lithuania), it is necessary to provide veterinary certificates conforming to the EU requirements, according to which VID declaration will be executed. State fees are paid for the control of both animal and non-animal based goods.

What documents are necessary for clearance of goods?

The consignment commercial documents are necessary for clearance of goods: goods purchase invoice, goods packaging sheet (where each item’s gross and net weights are indicated), original certificates of origin (if the goods are provided duty tax relief according to the country of origin). It is necessary to conclude customs broking contract for the clearance of goods.

What documents do you need to provide when ordering marine container transportation service?

When ordering marine container transportation service you need to provide the consignment commercial documents and authorization to implement transportation of your container and to carry out necessary customs procedures.